We are part of great international association,

BLITA International is a global association of independent tax accountants, tax attorneys and business consultants dedicated to providing personalized professional services for all your transnational tax planning and business management needs.

We understand that taxation is one of the major concerns for businesses operating across borders; that is why our member firms are able to help your business compete in the international market and meet the challenges that come with business expansion. Our multidisciplinary association, comprised of, accounting, law and consulting firms, will allow you to find a business ally at every stage of your international venture.

Membership in BLITA International is by invitation only and therefore, we only select those firms that have the best professionals and are regarded as one of the most prestigious their home country. Our hand-picked qualified members have the knowledge and expertise of big firms, combined with the personalized services and cost-effectiveness that only independent local firms can provide.
For further information please, visit and download the web application to know the concise and relevant tax information of countries in America and Europe, mobile application.




A Worldwide Alliance of Independent Accounting Firms

G&D Consulting Group® is a member of TIAG (The International Accounting Group), a global alliance of independent accounting firms offering a full range of accounting services to clients all over the world. The alliance has established a global presence and now has a membership of more than 115 firms in over 70 countries.

TIAG members are carefully selected for membership based on professional competence, commitment to client service, reputation within the business community, and recommendations from existing members. TIAG members are highly respected, value-driven accounting firms with local market knowledge and expertise.

Commitment to Quality
To maintain the highest quality, all TIAG firms commit to common objectives and standards, including:
• Providing excellent, timely and cost-effective accounting services
• Developing and maintaining strong client relationships and personal service enhanced by the international resources shared among alliance members
• Communicating clearly with clients on terms of professional engagement and progress of business

How can G&D Consulting Group® can help your business?
Through TIAG, G&D Consulting Group® has the national and global reach to serve clients wherever the growth of their business takes them. Whatever or wherever your challenge or opportunity might be, we can access local and knowledgeable expertise from trusted accounting professionals using TIAG. For more information about how our TIAG relationships can help your business, contact us, [email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected]




We are also a member of the National Institute of Public Accountants [INCP], a private non-profit organization, which promotes continuous improvement, through research, dissemination, improvement and proper exercise of the accounting discipline. Likewise, he is a member of the IFAC [International Federation of Accountants] and the ACCA [Association of Chartered Certified Accountants].




We are allies of PROCOLOMBIA entity in charge of promoting Tourism, Foreign Investment in Colombia, Non-mining energy exports and the image of the country. In addition, it provides specialized services to foreign entrepreneurs and enterprises interested in acquiring Colombian goods and services or investing in Colombia.

We participate in the directory of legal services of PROCOLOMBIA, we invite you to consult the following link, invest in Colombia.


We are allies of the Colombo Americancan Chamber of Commerce AMCHAM.

The Chamber's mission is to promote trade, investment, business and free enterprise by focusing on the commercial interests of Colombia and the United States in both hemispheric and global markets, continuously offering our affiliated companies possibilities to enhance their business in both countries, helping them to reach new markets and to be strengthened through privileged access to information and analysis on relevant topics. In the same way, we want to provide you with unique spaces for the development of professional networks at the highest level.


The Colombo Peruvian Chamber of Commerce and Integration - COLPERÚ is a private, non-profit entity that aims to promote trade, investment, tourism, culture and binational integration (Colombia-Peru) in all its orders.