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Accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services, consists of contracting outsourced services with a specialised firm, with which you can count on administrative, treasury, tax review, fiscal compliance, accounting services and specialised advisory, in order to improve your organisational efficiency, so, you as a client can focus on your commercial activity.

Our Accounting and Bookeeping outsourcing services in colombia focuses on meeting financial and fiscal needs of the accounting area. Our service, with local accountants and bookkeepers provides the support your company needs to manage its accounting in accordance with tax regulations within Colombia.

accounting outsourcing service in bogota


This is why we have specialised in providing an accounting service that can meet your needs to be adviced on tax and fiscal compliance, consultancy on taxation best practices and treasury outsourcing that help the correct development of companies.

By providing information in a timely and reliable manner, our local accountants staff will assist you build trust with investors and third parties interested in your information, such as financial institutions.

G&D Consulting Group is one of the top Accounting firms in Colombia, with a track record of serving both domestic and foreign-owned companies, our service focuses on providing timely information that can be available online. Also our company and service is ISO 9001 certified by IQNET and ICONTEC.

Our accounting service is held by a local staff with whom you can have close contact, they will assist you without those bureaucracy filters, that differentiate ourselves from large firms, so you can access your information and your local team fast. In addition, we maintain the proper preservation and custody of such information.

Accounting services

As one of the top Accounting companies in Colombia we are based in Bogota, where our operational hub is located, from where we support for dispatches in each city is deployed.

Our firm gives high importance to the permanent updating and trainning our accountants about the current regulations, so we can offer a Tax and Accounting Consultancy of the highest quality, ensuring the satisfaction and strengthening the confidence of our clients.

As one of the best accounting firms in Colombia, our processes are accompanied by carefully selected professionals with high academic qualifications and extensive experience in accounting services.

Periodically our team of accountants meets with our clients to analyse the results and steer the company towards operations with lower tax burdens.

What processes should be considered when outsourced accounting services?

Among the processes that we carry out to keep the bookkeeping and accounting of companies with foreign investment and a Local companies, are:

  • Bookkeeping services in Colombia.
  • Coding, bookkeeping, accounting and analysis of transactions.
  • Preparation of financial statements. (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Changes in Financial Position)
  • Preparation of reports to control entities, such as DIAN.
  • Preparation of Municipal and National tax returns.
  • Settlement and registration of imports.
  • Conversion of Financial Statements to International IFRS Standards
  • Bank reconciliations.
  • Analysis of balance accounts sheets.
  • Reports to investors and shareholders.

Outsourced Accounting Services

This service is outsourced by companies in order to focus their efforts on their strategic business activities.
The accounting outsourcing service consists of the execution of a contract between companies, which include those requesting the service and the company providing the service, the latter having among its duties the following:

  • Maintain confidentiality of data.
  • Manage the information and make entries in the accounting bases.
  • Ensure compliance with tax reporting.
  • Report to the organisation’s board of directors any updates about tax regime.

The client, on the other hand, will have among its duties:

  • Submit truthful information and information about your business activities.
  • Report financial information in the time agreed with your accountant, so that the corresponding reports can be registered and processed in a timely manner; both internal and external.
  • Inform your accountant of any updates about their company.

Where are accounting services provided?

    Outsourced accounting service
    • The Accounting outsourcing service,can be provided in-house or at the local firm office, so both, bookkeepers and accountants, can ensure the diagnostic and information validation visits, according to the frequency agreed with the client.
    • Accounting outsourcing firms, also provide administrative services such as payroll and treasury management. Depending on the scope of the contract, the value of the service to be provided will be defined.
    • It is important to remember that the success of this service lies in the timely submission of the information by the client to the advisory firm of your choice, in order to meet the organisation’s external stakeholder reporting deadlines.

    What should I consider when hiring an accounting service?

    Accounting outsourcing firms must have tools that automate online accounting processes and documents.
    The accounting firm must build trust with a specialised professional team.
    The advisors to be hired must maintain an excellent relationship with its internal and external clients.
    The accounting team must have professional technical knowledge and skills.
    The advisory firm must be constantly trained to deal with extraordinary situations.

    Everything you need to know about accounting outsourcing services:

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