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As lawyers on the practice in commercial law, we will be able offer you advise on the incorporation of companies, mergers and acquisitions, analysis of corporate situations, as well as commercial contracts.
Corporate law firm. G&D Consulting Group offers you comprehensive services, in all the stages of your business, starting with the set up or incorporation of companies, through draft contracts, trademark registration and at given moment, advisory during a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) process. As your Corporate and commercial legal advisory firm in Colombia, you can count on our participation in Bogota, Medellin, Cali or any other city. Feel supported in the different commercial or administrative legal situations that your company, subsidiary or branch requires for its performance to be successful.

Corporate and Commercial lawyers in Bogota : commercial and corporate law

Attorneys services on Corporate and Commercial Law

Our ccorporate and commercial legal service, offers advisory concerning corporate structuring, incorporation of companies, advice in the elaboration of contracts, industrial and intellectual property.

Our firm has lawyers who provide assistance to foreign and domestic investors regarding the appropriate vehicle to incorporate its company and develop its activity in Colombia. They also provide assistance in the development of assemblies, preparation of minutes, statutory reforms, representation and procedures before the commercial registry.

For those businessmen whose interest is the protection of their brands and contractual review, they find in our team the support for the execution of these activities.

Corporate law firm | attorney services

The portfolio of services that our law firm will be able to offer you includes:

Corporate law firm | attorney services

Advice on corporate law

  • Incorporation of companies and branches of foreign companies.
  • Advice on capital increase and capital reduction.
  • Share issuance regulations.
  • Statutory reforms (drafting, modification or revision of bylaws).
  • Legal representation of companies in Colombia and Bogota.
  • Administration and control of the company’s books.
  • Advice on procedures before the commercial registry.
  • Advice on merger and spin-off processes.

Advice on Competition Law

  • Structuring and studies of competition policies.
  • Advice on consumer law matters.
  • Legal business and contractual typology.
  • Advice on procedures before the competent Superintendence.
  • Proceedings in competition law:

– Attention to tutelas, lawsuits, complaints and proceedings before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

Advice on commercial law

  • Design, drafting and review of commercial contracts according to their nature.
  • Preparation or review of contracts.
  • Accompaniment in contract negotiations.
  • Advising on insolvency proceedings.
  • Commercial law proceedings:

– Attention to guardianship, lawsuits and processes before the pertinent entity (Superintendencies and courts).

Intellectual Property Advisory Services

  • Trademark registration.
  • Registration of commercial slogans.
  • Registration of companies.
  • Review of advertising for legal requirements.
  • Copyright.
  • Patent registration.

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